Advanced MMS: Advanced Medical Spanish Course Online

Advanced MMS: Advanced Medical Spanish Course Online

Mastering Medical Spanish Course
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This Online Advanced Medical Spanish course helps you refine your Spanish abilities into fluid & confident use of Medical Spanish for clinical work with your patients.

In this Advanced medical Spanish course you will learn the medical Spanish vocabulary you need, cultural insights to understand perspectives of your Spanish speaking populations from Latin America, culture-bound syndromes, and advanced Spanish grammar topics to help you communicate subtleties in Spanish.

Specifically, here are the lessons included in this online medical Spanish course:

  1. Repasar las lecciones del mini-curso: Medical Spanish Masterclass
  2. Iniciando con pacientes en español
  3. La relación entre cultura y salud
  4. Verbos en el pasado
  5. La historia médica e historia del problema
  6. El imperativo para examen físico y otros mandatos clínicos
  7. Vocabulario esencial sobre: síntomas, dolor, anatomía y heridas
  8. El presente del subjuntivo y sus usos
  9. El pasado del subjuntivo y sus usos
  10. Complementos directos e indirectos
  11. Los usos de por y para
  12. Los usos de Se y Si
  13. Comunicando instrucciones y tratamientos
  14. Visitas de control y visitas de seguimiento

Additional Course Details

  • Class instruction is given in 100% Spanish and students are encouraged to participate as much as possible in Spanish. 
  • Each class session will include a combination of new learning, and lots of practice! The best way to approach it is to be relaxed and not care about making mistakes with the language. So, be ready to relax, experiment, and LEARN SPANISH!
  • Every week, a new lesson will open up for you to watch the instructional videos, take notes, and build your Spanish vocabulary. You will have several days to watch the video lessons and learn the related vocabulary & grammar concepts.
  • Once a week, you will meet online with your classmates for a live practice session on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Your instructor will email you weekly with login details for our live online practice sessions via Zoom.
  • You can use any device you like to login to the zoom practice sessions (computer, tablet, mobile phone). Whichever device you choose to use should be equipped with a video camera and earphones/microphones for reducing background noise on the conference. Get Zoom setup on your device.

Tips for success in this course:

  1. Language learning is both academic and experiential. You will need to memorize new vocabulary, think about how it pulls together to form a complete thought, and PRACTICE!
  2. Study little by little throughout the week in between practice sessions. Don’t try and cram the information the day or morning before your scheduled practice session. Do your best to complete the lesson content at latest 2 days before your practice session and review your notes the day before your practice session.
  3. Download & Print the lesson notes & actually take notes on them during the lesson videos. The more you physically write this content out, the easier it is to learn it.
  4. Give special attention to the vocabulary delivered throughout this course. Study it Span>Eng & Eng>Span before you move on. Use quizlet or write your own flashcards out.
  5. ALWAYS attend the live practice sessions whether you finished the lesson or not. Academic knowledge of a language is pretty useless if you’ve never taken the time to practice it.
  6. Study for your quizzes like any other test you would take – that will allow you to focus on the actual questions and tasks to complete during the quiz instead of being distracted by not knowing certain vocabulary, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Advanced MMS: Advanced Medical Spanish Course Online”

  1. Hola! Aside from the CEUs, is there a certification that can be obtained? Some hospitals like to see certificates of completion. Thank you!

  2. Hello!

    I am interested in taking this course, and just had two questions: 1) Does this course count towards continuing education credits for registered nurses? 2) How long do the live sessions meet for on Tuesday?

    Thank you,

    1. Hola Jana, yes this course definitely counts for 22 CEU credits for nurses at the end of your 10 weeks. The live sessions meet at 10a and 7p Mountain time and last for 1hr each. You can choose the best time for you to attend and bounce around between the two if necessary. Our first live class of the fall ’23 session is tomorrow (Tuesday 9/19/23) – I’ll email you separately to get you on board. Cheers,

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