Spanish English Practice Group: Online Course & Language Exchange

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Hey Spanish learner! Did you know…there are 1.2 billion people learning a foreign language right now? AND of those – very few of them can actually communicate in the language they are learning!

Discover the two critical elements you need (and are also the most neglected in most language learning programs) that will actually improve your Spanish speaking skills and confidence!

Why are you still wasting time learning Spanish the wrong way?

Let me explain…

(Aprendiz de inglés, ve esta página en español aquí)


Spanish and English Language Exchange. Hablar inglés. Speak Spanish

You’ve landed on this page because you want to improve your Spanish communication skills. And I want to help you, because of the 1.2 billion people learning a foreign language, very few of them actually succeed at improving their Spanish communication skills.

You can’t just “hope” to improve your Spanish by taking another class, studying an app or working through lessons – It takes an intentional, relevant, interactive method that is hard to find.

For TWO decades, we’ve had the honor of working with thousands of language learners over the years in a variety of professional contexts. Through these experiences we discovered two key elements that are critical in learning and improving Spanish…

…AND these two “must have” elements are the most neglected in most Spanish learning programs.

Discover a non- traditional teaching model based off of real life, relevant conversations. Implement the Functional Fluency Approach and actually communicate in Spanish!

You need and want to use relevant Spanish that you can use immediately! You don’t have the time or the luxury to spend years upon years studying Spanish and moving through a linear approach until you start using it!

Intercambio is centered on the most critical component that is often left out of online learning programs = SPEAKING

2 Medical Spanish Pronunciation Rules

Intercambio will transfer your head knowledge into speaking ability.
You will experience communication confidence and fluency in your Spanish.



With results like these…

I actually feel hopeful that I could truly become competent with people who only speak Spanish because of Intercambio!

I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.”

“I can enjoy an entire year of learning and practicing for less than 1/2 the cost of 1 community college class. And, what a great way to “travel” and explore distant lands and cultures during a pandemic.

It’s No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Improving your Spanish Conversational Skills and Confidence!

The opportunity to practice SPEAKING is paramount to improving your Spanish proficiency and often the most underestimated in the learning journey.

When you join Intercambio, you will gain communication confidence and fluency in your Spanish. You will massively improve when you participate in our weekly “3 C’s”


Conversational Lessons that highlight key vocab, grammar, questions
Conversational Practice Opportunities with native Spanish speakers
Tips, tools, strategies to build your fluency and confidence speaking
Opportunities to move beyond KNOWING about the language & build your SPEAKING proficiency
Convert your knowledge into authentic Spanish communication
An encouraging & supportive language learning community
Downloadable conversational guides, vocabulary, questions and sentence starters to guide your conversations
Access to our language teachers in Office Hours and Additional Conversational Practice

Intercambio is the sweet spot between just enough instruction and lots of guided communication practice in an encouraging and enthusiastic environment.

Spanish & English Exchange Group and Course for Motivated Language Learners

Are you able to ACTUALLY communicate in Spanish?

More time practicing & speaking Spanish is the only way to improve your COMMUNICATION in Spanish

This is your opportunity to focus on the ONE ELEMENT you’ve been missing in your Spanish journey…

This is NOT another directionless, informal conversation platform. Members of Intercambio receive weekly conversational guides, grammar & vocabulary lessons and weekly instruction for our language coaches.

Everything about Intercambio is intentional and directed at moving you toward your goal of communicating in Spanish.

Intercambio is the Spanish English Practice Group you've been looking for.

Are you ready to take your communication skills to the next level? Enrollment is open for 5 days only!

Don’t miss your chance to grab a spot in this professional community of dedicated Spanish and English learners who want to boost their communication skills!

Join this language exchange community today to bring your language to LIFE in a guided, structured, professional environment.

Intercambio has hit on the one thing that all my other classes over the years-high school, college, adult ed, even a school in Mexico-have never focused on: it’s OK to make mistakes when speaking! Just do it!

Rosemary Espinosa
Dedicated Spanish learner

Practicing SPEAKING is a non-negotiable to improving, so join us in Intercambio and you’ll find…

Motivated & Motivating Peers

We’ve created a network of career oriented professionals that share the goal of taking their Spanish skills to the next level.

Weekly Speaking Opportunities

Every week you get to practice conversations geared toward the specific language topics we cover in our lessons or the topics of your choice.

Community of bilingual learners

We’ve created a special bilingual community of language learners from across the Americas.

Intercambio will give you the confidence and proficiency you want or need in your Spanish communication skills.
When you join the Intercambio community you get:
To connect with a conversation partner in our private, safe, secure online Spanish & English practice group for professionals.
To match with a conversational partner that is at a similar language level as you. Or a native speaker!
The ability to find a partner with a similar profession to practice specific conversations for your work needs.
The opportunity to build a professional relationship with people in a Spanish-speaking country.
Weekly conversation practice that fits your schedule.
Downloadable Conversation templates that include ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar for the weekly topic.
Access to our weekly LIVE Spanish / English Office Hours led by our bilingual teaching team. Get help with your grammar questions and personalized tips on strategies to achieve your learning goals.
Access to grammar and vocabulary lessons to boost your conversation practice.
A customizable Quick Start Guide to set your conversational goals.
Access to professional teaching team that will moderate Intercambio on our secure site.

It’s important to know that Intercambio is NOT a sequential and linear Spanish language curriculum. We supplement your conversational guide with essential grammar and vocabulary to support your conversation practice, but we do not move through a rigid curriculum.

You have the opportunity to tell us exactly what grammar and vocabulary you need to improve. And we work these into the weekly topics. This is an opportunity to practice speaking with lots of structure and support in a safe group.

Intercambio is unique

How is Intercambio different from other conversational groups out there?

We’re a community for career minded individuals who share the motivation and willingness to invest in intentional, guided weekly conversation to GROW their language skills.

Safe & Secure

This is not a public site. You have to be a paying member and a good fit to enter Intercambio. (This is not a dating site)

Led by Experts

Our expert, bilingual language coaches are your guides! They direct your weekly conversations by providing downloadable conversation templates packed with ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar.

Hyper Focused

All members, language coaches and content in Intercambio have the same GOAL of growing in their communication skills.


Members receive weekly topical conversation guides to direct their conversations and not waste time in useless meet-ups!

The encouraging philosophy to ‘take a risk’ and weekly topics make it so much easier to open my mouth and speak Spanish more than I’ve experienced in any other course.

Carolyn Green
Dedicated Spanish learner


(JUST $99.97 TODAY)



How much does intercambio cost?

$99.97 / Quarter

OR pay 1 time for the year and get 2 months FREE.

Think about it. For about $33/month you get weekly:
  1. Conversation practice with one, two, three or more conversational partners. The only limit is your time and schedule.
  2. Grammar and Vocabulary lessons through our Intercambio Course that give structure to your conversations.
  3. Conversation Guides that include ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar for the weekly topic.
  4. Teaching & practice sessions with our expert teaching team.
  5. Personalized tips and strategies to achieve your learning goals.
Sign me up

The best part about Intercambio is that you’re surrounded by other like-minded professionals who share the same goal of bringing their language to life and launching their conversational skills. And let’s be honest, being involved in a supportive community is important.

Leslie Foster
Director, Intercambio


Create your profile & Schedule

Once you register you’ll create your profile and set your preferred schedule, learning goals and join the welcome party!

Get the week’s lesson & have your conversations

Every Friday, you’ll get a new lesson! Review the conversational guides and their related grammar and vocabulary lessons to support your conversations. Then you’ll meet online with your conversation partner(s) and practice speaking together!

Join Office Hours on Thursdays

Join office hours on Thursday evenings 6-7:00pm Mountain Time for additional practices, to meet other community members, and to get all your questions answered from the week’s lesson.



What are Intercambio members saying about this opportunity and their Spanish progress?

I LOVE this program! I find that having chats set up with my conversational partners from other countries is a real motivation for me. The chats give me a reason to do the work. Normally, knowing I’d have an in-person class would be the reason, but of course that’s impossible now. Communicating with a native speaker is such a great way to match the pronunciation of words with what they look like on paper. I highly recommend Intercambio, and I’ve found all those reviews about the excellent service to be completely true. Leslie and Rory are fantastic!

Aliana Summers

Este tipo de ayuda en hablar y escuchar el idioma que estas aprendiendo con personas nativos del idioma nos ayuda mejor y es una buena estrategia en el aprendizaje. Y los compañeros de practica son geniales en ayudar..!

Melsi Gonzales

El mejor programa, estoy muy feliz de pertenecer a este maravilloso grupo , esto es un reto muy grande para mi hablar con personas del idioma Inglés nativo y tenía miedo de hablar ya que yo soy principiante de habla Inglés con tan solo unas semanas poco a poco perdí el miedo y a demás nos ayudamos entre todos , yo recomiendo a todas las personas que sea parte de este maravilloso programa.

José Ambrocio Xóc Díaz

I have really enjoyed my experience with Intercambio. It is a professional, valuable, flexible service that provides new avenues through which I am able to study Spanish. I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.

Nathan Smith

The enthusiasm, creativity, and organization of the teachers is AMAZING and top quality! I look forward to each week’s lesson and the online practice, but especially the practice with my friend in person! Each week Leslie tells us to “open your mouths and make mistakes” at the end of every video lesson and I always chuckle, but that is really what is making this class such a success for me. In classroom settings it’s all about getting the right conjugations, but with Intercambio it’s about just using what you DO know and having fun with your friend and your language. I have such a better relationship with Spanish now because I’m not so afraid of mistakes any longer. I actually feel hopeful that I could truly become competent with people who only speak Spanish because of Intercambio!

LeAnn Seto

Intercambio provides a wonderful , supportive environment for all levels of Spanish/English learners. The lessons are well organized and professionally done. The opportunity to interact with other learners sets this program apart from others.

Tim Dempsey

Intercambio is the answer to my wishes! I have been trying to learn Spanish for more years than I would like to admit, and then the ad for this program popped up in my email. It is fun, affordable, and effective. I have a conversation partner which keeps me accountable each week to study the fun and engaging materials provided by Leslie and Rory Foster. They provide many other resources, including “office hours,” which is a fun way to meet online and practice our Spanish (or English). I highly recommend this program.

Juliet Franklin

This is a wonderful way to improve your Spanish speaking & listening skills. The organization of the course is outstanding. Each week focuses on a theme, and associated vocabulary and grammar topics. The vocabulary is available on the Quizlet phone app (e-flash cards), making it easy to study the vocabulary any time, any place. The lessons provide structure for the conversations with a partner, so there are no awkward pauses trying to figure out what to talk about next. And there is an emphasis on saying what you are thinking without stressing about getting it exactly right. I can sit down and write out a conjugation for many verbs, but coming up with the right form on the fly in conversation is a very different skill that I am developing now. I am very happy with this course, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their Spanish to a new level.

Susan Wingo

Intercambio has been a fun and very inexpensive way to help forward my Spanish learning. Speaking with native Spanish speakers is invaluable and the program has connected me to language partners I can skype or whatsapp with. It works with my schedule and I can practice as much or as little as I want. It reaches all types of learners – you get video instruction, written instruction, one-on-one practice with your partner(s), and group practice during “office hours” every week. You can ask questions each week and they will be answered in the group. So glad I found this program!

Nancy Harrison

Intercambio is the next best thing to immersion travel to improve your Spanish skills (or even better for those of us who like to stay home!). Rory and Leslie provide a comfortable environment where it’s OK to be brave and learn by making mistakes. It’s easy to find a native Spanish speaker with whom to practice. The weekly guided lessons provide a comfortable platform for learning through conversation. Try it!

Carolyn Green

Some Intercambio members wanted to share their experience with you:

Thoughts from Chelsie:

LeAnn’s experience:

Mauren de Costa Rica:

Ryan’s opinion:

Rebeca de Guatemala:

Jose from Guatemala:

Matt’s experience:

Melsi de Peru:

Thoughts from Gloria:

Any question?
Is Intercambio right for me?

If you can answer YES to these 3 questions then YES it is a good fit for you.

  1. Do you have a genuine motivation to improve your Spanish speaking skills?
  2. Do you have a basic foundation of the language you are trying to improve? For example, have you ever taken a Spanish class in high school, college, as an adult? Do you try to use it for your profession? Did you grow up in an area where Spanish was spoken and you used it?
  3. AND Are you motivated to boost your speaking ability?

If you can answer YES  to these questions than it’s an easy YES. You are ready to transfer your “head knowledge” of Spanish into your speaking ability.

Will there be language lessons in this group?

Yes! The objective of this group is for YOU to increase your speaking ability. Each week, you will get a lesson that includes the essential grammar and vocabulary you need to have successful conversations that week.

Do I need to buy any special technology to converse with my language partner?

No, you will use FREE communication apps such as: Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp

How do you schedule conversation with your partner?

In your profile you will select your availability and you will look for a conversation partner that has the same availability as you. The key is consistency over time! If you cannot find a parter within 3 to 5 days- we will so some “match-making”

How am I matched with a partner? I would not want to be matched with someone who is a lot lower in level or a lot higher?

When you build your profile, you will be asked to self-rate your level. You will want to find a conversational partner that has that similar level. You can either match with a native speaker OR another learner at your same level. OR both!

What if I want to practice specific topics; for example, I’m a teacher and I want to practice talking about behavior modifications in the classroom. Will I have that opportunity?

YES!  When you build your profile you will be able to list your profession and you can look for an exchange partner with that same profession to practice there conversations.

Do I have to have the same conversational partner the whole time or can I set up meetings with a variety of partners?

You may have different conversation partners. We understand that it might take a few times to find a right fit. And there may be several “right fits”. You are not limited to 1 exchange partner.

Is there a limit to how many times per week or month I can set up a conversation?

No, the most important thing to consider is consistency and sustainability. What type of schedule can you commit to for a long period of time to see the maximum language growth?

Do you have a yearly payment plan instead of a quarterly payment plan?

Yes, we do and it is a price savings. When you register at this link, you can select “annually”

How can we know the person that is learning English like we are learning Spanish will be able to effectively assist with my errors when they may not be able to communicate this in English?

It’s important to know that members are not expected to teach the language to their parter. It is practice speaking with one another. Some partners, depending on their language level and experience may naturally be able to provide more corrections, and others will not be able to. This is precisely why we have expert language coaches to help you navigate the questions and improve your communication. The language coaches  will not be live with you in your conversations, but you can jot down your doubts and attend weekly office hours to get your questions answered so you are ready for next time. And of course you can always chat or email us.

I’m wondering if there is some flexibility with the days of the week for conversation? I know my schedule one month at a time so could plan that way but I never have a set day off.

YES, there is flexibility. Once enrollment closes on May 1st, you will build your profile and select when you are available. You can change your availability in your profile on a week-by-week basis. Based off of that, you will be able to see who is available to you during your time frames.

What is your cancelation policy?”

If you are not completely satisfied with this Spanish English practice group, you can cancel at any time.

Please advise how long the exchange is for (hours at a time) and how many times a week, or do we manage that?

We recommend you meet at least once a week. The amount of time you meet with your partner is up to you and it can vary week by week. We think it’s most important to set up a schedule that is consistent and sustainable for you over a long period of time. We’ll instruct members with tips about scheduling to maximize exposure, sustainability and lifestyle :).

I’m a nurse with a schedule that changes week to week. I’m wondering if there is some flexibility with the days of the week for conversation?

You are not alone. There are other healthcare workers with shifting schedules week by week in the group. There is the flexibility to set your schedule week by week. If you are having a hard time finding a conversation partner based off your schedule we will do all we can to help you.

I have taught Spanish for many years, but I speak Spanish at an intermediate level. Can this program help me progress me to a more advanced level?

Yes, you will be able to boost your intermediate conversational skills in this Spanish English practice group by pairing with a native Spanish speaker and reaching that near-native fluency with structured support and guidance from our language experts.

47 responses to “Spanish English Practice Group: Online Course & Language Exchange

Susan Loftus

I am anxious to try this approach. My schedule fluctuates but it sounds like the way things are presented, scheduling my study time can be flexible. Thanks for the specific lessons and the tips on how to remember rules.


Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Con mucho gusto Susan- We’re excited to have you in the Intercambio community! And yes, you are correct- you have the ability to work in Intercambio around your schedule.

Caroline McStravick

I am from the UK and have absolutely no experience of Spanish apart from holidaying in Spain!

What course would cover basic and medical Spanish, I am currently in my second year of studying nursing.

Kind regards

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Thanks for the note Caroline – sorry for the delay in responding. We have a few Medical Spanish options for you to consider. You have asynchronous online medical Spanish options, synchronous online medical Spanish options and hybrid online medical Spanish options:

  1. Asynchronous Medical Spanish Courses: prepackaged online medical Spanish courses with video lessons, downloads & quizzes to help you learn on your own time and at your own pace
  2. Synchronous Medical Spanish Courses: like having an online private tutor: Beginning Conversational Medical Spanish
  3. Hybrid Medical Spanish Courses: combination of prepackaged videos, downloads and quizzes and live group practice sessions: Mastering Medical Spanish
Crisma Salas
Crisma Salas

Hi my name is Chrysman Salas I’m living in Costa Rica and I need to practice English so much. I’m accountant a and companies need to training people and Bilingual. If you want to practice Spanish with me I’m hiper flexible and I can practice in flexible journal every day. Best Regards



I’ve registered but am not able to access the group site. When I initally registered I did so on my phone. I’m having problems when trying to access using my phone. I’ve even tried to reset my password. It basically says that my email doesn’t exit. Please help


Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Resolved – we had the wrong email address in our system for you (.cim vs .com). You should be all set now!

Deedee Caldwell


I’d be interested in this program if I can still get the $19.99 /mo rate. The price has gone up to 29.99/mo starting this morning, I’m guessing. I just received the original advertisement for founding members at the cheaper rate. The offer expired at midnight last night. Would you be willing to extend the founding members offer through today so I can join at this rate as well? Thank you for your consideration, Deedee Caldwell

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hi Deedee, thanks for the note. The special promo offer has expired, sorry you didn’t see those emails we sent out talking about it. We’d love to have you in the group if you can make it work with your budget. Thanks for being part of our community. Cheers,


I’ve been looking at this for a couple weeks now. As an educator, I like the idea that this brings something new to the on-line experience. Although I will always be a “student” of the Spanish language (and English for that matter!) I am already what most would consider fluent/bi-lingual: my BA is in Spanish with an MA in International Studies, I have lived in Spain and Latin America for extended periods and I currently teach high school Spanish.

Question: is this something for me? Perhaps there is a different capacity in which I could be involved?


Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Nick! THanks for your question. It sound like you have incredible lang. skills. I personally agree with your “student” analogy – I feel like I’m always learning with my 20+ years of Spanish learning, teaching, traveling, etc. But there is still room for me to grow- we never stop learning. If you feel like you need to improve you near-native speech, then as you know there is no better way that to communicate. The supplemental grammar and vocab. will be too easy for you. But the opportunity to build a strong community of language advancers is huge!

Bhagwant Borkar
Bhagwant Borkar

I am a physician and my level is intermediate.I would like to chat with a medical professional like a nurse or anybody related to the medical field.

Megan Baglien

My husband is an English language learner and I am a Spanish language learner. He communicates well, but would like to improve his fluency, especially at work (he is an architect). While we can practice with each other, I understand him so well that frequently I will miss his mistakes. Might this program be good for him?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hello Megan, yes absolutely! It would be excellent for him to join and have a chance to speak with others on a regular basis. Go ahead and get him signed up while the price is still discounted!

Lucia Amaral

This looks very promising and I’m excited to try it out! However, when I go to enter my address in Checkout, it does not offer Canada as an option for country…just states in the US…and asks for ZIP code when Canada uses a Postal Code. I’m unsure how to proceed.

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hi Lucia, it should be working. Try clicking on the dropdown for country in checkout and scrolling up to find Canada. See screenshot:
selecting country

Jane Vincello

Hello! I am very interested/close to registering…could you offer an option to sign up for 6 months? I prefer not to have monthly withdrawals yet want to commit…give it a good try. If after 6 months, do you provide a pro-rated refund if necessary, for the one year option. In the past I tried an informal conversational app but it was not structured enough to feel like I was learning and improving…so your weekly conversation lessons seems helpful. Thank you,

Monica Ionis


Will the intercambio be specific to professionals? I am a teacher, but currently I am interested in learning more Spanish related to culture, travel, conversation, shopping and family life. Thanks for all you do! Monica

Monica Ionis

¡Hola! I am interested in learning if the goal of the intercambio is to stay focused on the participants’ profession? I am a teacher, however, currently I am more interested in learning Spanish language that focuses on culture, family life, travelling, shopping etc. I have been moved to a school that has very few Spanish speaking students and now my language goals have changed. Thanks for all you do! Monica

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Monica! Thanks for the great questions. The topical conversational themes will vary each week, but they will not be focused on specific professions. WE have lots of specific indutry focused Spanish available online. Weekly topics will include more general topics as you listed with essential vocabulary and grammar. This is a great opportunity to take a deep dive into cultural elements with your conversation partner. And this is a great opportunity to expand on the themes you list above with your partner.

Dale Britt

Second message from Dale.

FYI: I’m sure you’re already aware, computer spellcheck has sabotaged one of your headlines.
I’m already foundering in Spanish, that’s why i would want to become a founding member of your Spanish group!!! I’m not sure how to direct you to where to find the foundering vs founding entry, but thought you’d like to know…..
(No need to reply to my remark)

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hah! Love it Dale – thanks for the proofreading … Gracias a Dios we didn’t have “floundering” members … :).

Dale Britt

This sounds exciting. I get to use my mediocre Spanish a couple of times a month as a volunteer in Denver/Aurora with Casa de Paz. It’s not essential to speak Spanish, but it would be very helpful if I did, for all concerned.

Miriam Velsor

I am a speech language pathologist and a beginner. I work with Spanish speaking families and want to be able to speak with parents about their children’s communication disorders and things we work on in therapy. I recently took Spanish I and know some basic vocab but I still consider myself a beginner. A) Should my foundation be stronger to participate? B)Can you match me with an SLP?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hi Miriam, thanks for the note! I don’t know if we have any other SLPs in the group – so I can’t promise that. However, knowing some basic vocabulary is a great start. Each week, you’ll get a conversational topic and a mini-lesson to support that week’s conversation. I can also encourage to take a look at some of these online medical Spanish classes to begin strengthening your foundation. You might consider beginning with Ser v Estar & Present Tense Verbs in Spanish

peter stacy

I live in the UK & have had a place in Spain for 15 years, which I visit once a month (not now with the COVID lockdown of course) & have built very basic Spanish, which allows me to communicate in bars, restaurants, shops etc. but NOT to hold a conversation. I’d like to move to the next level to allow this, as I intend to spend longer periods & integrate far better out there rather than brief stays & integrate far better with the community. Just 2 questions:

1. Would this help with my language goals? &:
2. Would the time difference between the US & the UK allow me to access the LIVE Spanish / English Office Hours?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Great questions, Peter! Intercambio will definitely help you meet your communicative goals in Spanish – no doubt. The whole purpose is to practice speaking & listening! We’re thinking of holding the office hours at around 8p Eastern time on Thursdays – but we haven’t surveyed the group of registrants yet. That would be 1am BST. But again, as soon as the enrollment period ends, we’ll survey the group and choose the hr & day that fits best for most. We hope you can join us!

Susan shurow

I am a retired english teacher and have no professional reason for wanting to study spanish. I just love the language, have travelled to much of latin america, have had tutors and taken classes, but my skills are still pretty mediocre-especially my grammar. Is your program appropriate for me?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hey Susan, thanks for the note. Absolutely, this would be good to help you get more fluid & comfortable with the grammar you’ve already learned at some point in the past. That’s the goal – to bring it out of your head :). The weekly conversation guides will also include mini grammar tips and a vocabulary guide for the week’s topics that you will focus on getting comfortable with that week. We’d love to work with you in Intercambio!


I want to sign up!

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Great Marla! Founding members enrollment ends May 1st. Be sure to do register soon!


I am wanting to practice my spanish by having conversations with native spanish speakers – is that what this will provide? If so, do we do something like a 1/2 hr in spanish and then a half hour in english? I am asking this since i couldn’t find any specifics or examples in your info. Thanks

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hey John, yes that’s exactly right. We’re suggesting you split time 50/50 with your native Spanish speaking compañero. If you want to split each meeting 50/50 that’s fine. If you’d prefer to meet 1 day/week in 100% Spanish and then another day 100% in English that’s fine too. Whatever works best for you and your partner.

christine barbato

Hola! I truly have a passion for experiencing the beautiful spanish language and have been attempting to follow multiple online apps and videos on my own. I am a NP as well, so I know being bilingual will be a great asset to my career in helping my patients here in south Florida. I have been following some online courses both for conversational and medical, I find myself all over the place and have been searching for a more structured curriculum as well as a practice partner!Intercambio sounds exactly what I have been searching for!
I am just beginning to refresh what I have previously learned in school so I am VERY slow at this point. Will there be partners at my level as I do not wish to hold anyone back.
Thank you!

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Christine! It sounds like you have some great experience with Spanish already, fantastic. Yes, we expect a variety of levels in the Intercambio community. It’s best to have at least a foundation to build upon and it sounds like you do! You will be able to view conversational partners that are at your level. Thanks for the great question!

Jonathon Franklin

I am primarily interested in improving my medical Spanish as well as my general conversational Spanish. I’m a nurse and have different schedules every week, what happens if I can’t find anyone to practice with during my odd hours?

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Jonathon! Thanks for your great question. You are not alone. There are other health care workers with shifting schedules week by week in the group. There is the flexibility to set your schedule week by week. If you are having a hard time finding a conversation partner based off your schedule we will do all we can to help you. Keep in mind, you can cancel at anytime if it truly does not work out.

Anita Chupp

Buenas Dias! Espero que todo va bien en su familia. Me encanta ese proyecto and am wondering if there is some flexibility with the days of the week for conversation. – I know my schedule one month at a time so could plan that way but I never have a set day off. Gracias! Anita

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Anita! YES, there is flexibility. Once enrollment closes on May 1st, you will build your profile and select when you are available. You can change your availability in your profile on a week-by-week basis. Based off of that, you will be able to see who is available to you during your time frames.

Susan Chance

What is the length of time for one session? 1 hour, 2 hours?

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hi Susan, Good question! We recommend 1 hr at least. But there is not a time limit from our end. It is up to what you and your conversational partner agree to. It’s flexible for example; one week you might only be able to meet for an hour and the next week for 2. In short, there is flexibility depending on your schedule.

Lynn Nelson

This sounds like an interesting idea. I have taught Elementary Spanish programs for about 20 years, but I speak Spanish at an intermediate level. Can this program help me progress me to a more advanced level?

Are you locked into a year’s membership or can you quit the program at any time?

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Lynn! Great questions! Yes, you will be able to boost your intermediate conversational skills in this group by pairing with a native Spanish speaker and reaching that near-native fluency!!! If you are not fully satisfied with this opportunity, you can cancel your membership at any time. We have a monthly and yearly plan. If you cancel the yearly plan, we will prorate the amount back to you that you did not use based on the monthly rate. Thanks!

Lawrence Lerman

I am a pediatrician and am taking a community based medical Spanish course. My wife is a spiritual director. We both also work with ‘at risk’ youth and the juvenile justice system. Would it work out/make sense to sign on as a couple? Besides our distant partners, we could practice at home.
Larry Lerman
Andrea Bliss-Lerman

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Larry and Andrea! Great question. If both of you want to connect with a partner and advance your language skills you will need two seperate accounts. I’ll send you an mail with more detials. Thanks!

Derrick Walker

Are there age limits? We are trying to teach our 12, 10 and 6 year olds Spanish. They have spent a month in Spain at a language camp the pat summer.

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Derrick! Good question…Yes, this group is not for kids learning Spanish. It more geared towards adult learners with a professional need to improve conversation skills in Spanish and/or are highly motivated to boost their communication skills. Have you checked out It is a fantastic kid’s Spanish curriculum!

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