Pharmacy Spanish – Immersion Trip & International Rotation

International Pharmacy APPE Rotation in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Learn Pharmacy Spanish on APPE Rotation in Ecuador and Costa Rica!

Everyone knows that immersion is the best way to learn Spanish – now you can learn pharmacy Spanish while you’re rotating and having the best language experience of your life!

This pharmacy Spanish immersion trip is an elective international rotation in PharmD programs across the United States, and it is open to any pharmacist wanting to learn Spanish as well.

Here are the essential details:

Timing: We run this international pharmacy rotation and Spanish for pharmacists immersion trip 1 time a year: Late June – July/early-August. This is APPE Block 2 for our local universities here in Colorado. Most PharmD students rotate for 5/6 weeks and use the 6th week for travel.

If you need specific flexibility with your dates, please contact us to look at if/how we can accommodate your requests.

Length: The full immersion program for pharmacists runs 5 weeks. Many APPE rotations are 6 week blocks (allowing for 1 week of vacation within the rotation). However, students and professionals are able to adjust the length of the immersion trip to fit their schedules and needs.

Day to Day Schedule: Monday – Friday you can expect to be very busy learning and using Spanish in pharmacy and in medical outreach settings. Half of the day you’ll be in a retail pharmacy location or in an underserved community delivering health education. The other half of the day, you’ll be in medical Spanish classes at language school.

Paperwork for Academic Programs: If you are a PharmD student looking for an International IPPE or APPE experience, Download & Submit this Course Description to your academic program.

More Information: For more information, see the Medical Spanish Immersion program page to learn about:

  • Specific dates of the rotation
  • The primary components and day to day responsibilities while on rotation
  • What other students and travelers think about the rotation

Watch the Pharmacy (APPE or IPPE) Elective International Rotation Experience:

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