Costa Rica Family Vacation: Travel Hacks…Resources to save you time, worry and stress.

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Wondering where to go and what to do? Check out our favorite places to visit in Costa Rica! This resource is full of destination, tour and our favorite hotel recommendations. FREE

Grab these family friendly, approved itineraries! Packed full of our favorite hotels, restaurants and tours.

What to pack and what to not? Use this list to get prepared for multiple climates and activities without suitcases busting at the seams!

Getting around the country: there are various options depending on your preference!

Pre-departure Information

Save 20 hours of your time and money in this online tutorial, by learning what you need to do now to get ready for your Costa Rica Vacation! We have over a decade of preparing families for their Costa Rica Adventure.

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How can you Travel to Costa Rica Safely? If you are wondering about safety in Costa Rica, follow these 12 tips to have a safe trip and/or family adventure.


Get the scoop on the local cuisine….gallo pinto, naturales, arroz con pollo, casado, ceviche y más! 

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Planning Services

Want help booking your hotels, tours etc.?

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Want to learn a little Spanish before traveling? Get connected with a Costa Rican Spanish teacher before you depart for some online tutorials.

Costa Rica Family Vacation: Travel Hacks

These resources are your ticket to a safe, fun, and easy family vacation that lets you focus on creating memories with your family!

¡Hola! I don’t know you, but I do know that we have one thing in common…Costa Rica!!! Every year, family, friends and colleagues ask me this question…

“Hey, Leslie, we are thinking about a Costa Rica family vacation and would love to talk to you about how to prepare for the trip and where to go and what to do. When would be a good time to grab a coffee or a cerveza?”

I LOVE this question because our family loves Costa Rica! We have been traveling to Costa Rica since 2002. When our first son was born, we did something courageous as first time parents; we got him a passport! His first trip to Costa Rica was when he was 8 months old.

Costa Rica is a BIG part of our lives. Part of our business is in Costa Rica and we have continued to travel with our growing family for over a decade. We have done it with kids in utero, in diapers, nursing, crawling, sick, laughing, in tears and all of these combined. We have done it through the early childhood years and beyond.

A family hike in Costa Rica
On a family hike to Catarata La Fortuna

Costa Rica is our business and life all wrapped up into our family passions—traveling, speaking Spanish and learning how other cultures live together as a family!

As you know, traveling with kids can add additional challenges and things to think about. We have shared these resources with family, friends & now YOU! They have been tested and earned the family seal of approval. We hope that you enjoy your adventure and want to hear how it all works out. Click on the icons to get thee travel tools and you will have access to many valuable tips, tools, videos and itineraries.

Pura Vida and happy adventuring!

Leslie Foster

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