Bridge the Barrier: Translation & Interpretation Services

Professional Translation Services: Document Translations, Telephonic Interpreting Video Interpreting, Transcreation & Live Interpreting in Colorado

What Translation or Interpretation service are you looking for?

  • Interpretation is spoken or signed conversion of a language

  • Interpretation is spoken or signed conversion of a language

All Translation is not all the same…

Here is how they differ:

Translation services are often lumped into one single word like: “Translator” or “Translation” , but it’s not all the same.

If you’re looking for the written conversion of a message from one language to another, “Translation” is the right word.

However, if you’re looking for oral conversion or sign language help, you’re looking for interpretation services, or an interpreters.

A few of the various translation and interpretation services are described here:


A regular translation job is when you have a document such as an employee handbook, marketing flyer or an educational piece that needs to be translated into another language.

It doesn’t require any legal certification because the document is meant for informational purposes and not intended to be a legal document.

Certified Translation

Certified translation services are required if you’re translating a legal document. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and health records for visa applications are good examples of common certified translations.

Any other document that you expect to be included in a legal proceeding would need to be a certified translation as well.

Consecutive Interpreting

Interpreting is the oral (or sign language) conversion from one language to another. Interpreters are converting one language to the other orally or with their hands (sign language interpreters).

Consecutive interpreting is when the parties communicating to each other take time, pause, and allow space for the interpreter to be the go-between.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation services are usually required for larger meetings or web conferences.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually more presentational and doesn’t take breaks. The speaker in the source language keeps on talking and the simultaneous interpreter lags maybe a second or two behind the presenter as they interpret to their audience.

What sort of Translation Service best suits your needs?

Our professional translators and translation teams are highly experienced and extremely qualified to help you with simple document translations, complex legal document translation, website translations, video voice-overs in another language. We’re ready to get started on your project!

Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Document translation converts one written text (from the source language) into another language we call the target language. Translation doesn’t have to be literal. In fact, most often the best translations are not literal. We translate to conserve meaning but not necessarily say it in the same words in both source and target languages. This is where the value of human translation comes in. Because machine translations or using an app or website to translate your text is unable to do anything besides a literal translation. There is no substitute for human translations when trying to make sure your message connects clearly to your target.

Translation Localization Services

Localization Services

Localization is one step beyond translating. It includes ancillary details that make a translation look natural in the target language and target culture. We may adjust imagery of people who look and dress like those who speak the target language. Localizations adjusts coloring to avoid color schemes that possibly send mixed messages or convey unintended meanings. It also adds a creative element to your translation job.

Language Transcreation Services

Language Transcreation

Language Transcreation is one step further than language localization. The human transcreator translates the source text and adjusts supporting images to maintain cultural and emotive meaning across both languages and cultures. Marketing and PR firms prefer transcreation for their branding projects in new markets. An example of how transcreation goes beyond translation and localization might be the fact that word plays and metaphors in the source language would be adjusted to communicate the same sentiment in the target language. Additionally, if a particular line of persuasion is effective in the source culture, it must be evaluated because it may not be equally persuasive in the target culture. If it is assessed to not be equally persuasive, the transcreator would make a change in the line of persuasion to fit the target culture better.

Certified Document Translations

Medical and legal certified translations

All texts that will be used in legal proceedings or for legal purposes must be certified translations by an institution or translator that is qualified to provide legal certification for the translation. Common Ground International provides certified translations for any text you need to stand the legal test. Common examples of documents that need to be certified are: marriage certificates and birth certificates used for citizenship or naturalization proceedings and for visa applications.

Website Translation Projects

Website translations and SEO projects in your target language

Website translation projects are essential for institutions, organizations and businesses that are working hard to serve their clients in another language. These website translation projects usually require localization and transcreation in addition to SEO work to ensure that your website is crawled by the search engines and served to your potential clients competitively. Common Ground’s translators are able to translate your website correctly and our website team is well equipped to make sure that your site ranks for competitive keywords in the target language.

Video and audio voice over services

Video and audio voice-over services

Marketing firms and small business call on Common Ground to help with their marketing, promotional, and informational video or audio pieces that need to be translated and voiced-over. Our team of translators and professional voices will work together with your technical team to make sure that your original video or audio project is understood in the target language you’re hoping to connect with.

What language combinations can Common Ground translate?

We can translate any language combination for you. Our translation teams that stay most busy are our following teams:
  • English – Amharic Translation

  • Amharic – English translation

  • English – Arabic Translation

  • Arabic – English translation

  • English – French Translation

  • French – English translation

  • English – Japanese Translation

  • Japanese – English translation

  • English – Korean Translation

  • Korean – English translation

  • English – Mandarin Translation

  • Mandarin – English translation

  • English – Russian Translation

  • Russian – English translation

  • English – Somali Translation

  • Somali – English translation

  • English – Spanish Translation

  • Spanish – English translation

  • English – Vietnamese Translation

  • Vietnamese – English translation

What does the translation process look like?

Our process for document translation follows a standard procedure every time to ensure the highest quality translation for your job. This 6 step process ensures that we provide you with realistic estimates for cost and turnaround time, eliminate errors in the translation and keep you a happy and satisfied client.
Here is what you can expect when you request a document translation from Common Ground International:
Our 6-step document translation process for Spanish to English translations and English to Spanish translations
  1. We’ll have an initial conversation with you about your document that you need translated and ask you to share your document (or a sample of it) with us so that we can give you a word count and turn-around time estimate.
  2. You clarify your requirements for the job to understand your needs: if you need graphics or layout work with the job, how soon you need your document back, if you need a certified document translation.
  3. New clients make a 50% deposit on your translation job to begin work
  4. Once your deposit is made, we’ll complete the translation
  5. We edit the document through our editing process and make any adjustments necessary
  6. You receive the final word count, we request your balance due payment, and return your document to you.
remote video interpreting and over the phone interpreting

OPI: Over the Phone Interpreting, RSI: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, VRI: Video Remote Interpretation, and In-Person Interpretation services anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are at the moment, when you can’t be face to face with your team, clients, or community members, our interpretation services are just one call away! Our Interpretation services give you the quick solution for your language barriers.  
We can establish a 3-way phone call, have your community members dial into a call center, or jump on a Zoom video interpreting call together!

What language combinations can Common Ground Interpret?

We can interpret any language combination for you. Our interpretations teams that stay most busy are our following teams:
  • ASL: American Sign Language Interpreting

  • English <> Japanese interpreting

  • English <> Armenian Interpreting

  • English <> Korean interpreting

  • English <> Cantonese Interpreting

  • English <> Russian interpreting

  • English <> Chinese Interpreting

  • English <> Spanish interpreting

  • English <> Vietnamese Interpreting

Onsite interpreting in Colorado

If you need to hire an interpreter or interpreters for your in-person event in Colorado, we are glad to supply you with professional interpreters for your event.
Whether we use your interpreting equipment or our interpreting equipment, we’ll help ensure that your next event keeps everyone connected and has access to the conference in their language.

Telephone interpreting

If your event requires over the phone interpreting, we can service your calls in a couple of different ways. If you require just inbound calling to our call center, we can interpret your event in-house.
If your event requires outbound calling to reach community members, constituents, etc, we will partner with our town hall meeting partner to staff your event.

Video conference interpreting

If remote video interpreting is the best solution for your next meeting, we will set you up on our Zoom video interpreting platform and interpret your meeting into as many languages as you need.

Legal interpreting

Much like certified document translations, legal interpreting requires staffing your meeting with clients, depositions, etc. with qualified legal interpreters. Our network of interpreters work in the court systems and are qualified for your jobs.

Video Voice-overs

Video voice-over work is usually a combination of translating work, interpreting work and video editing. Our experienced interpreters, translators and voice actors would love to help you with your project.

Medical interpreting

Healthcare interpreting is an essential service that providers rely on for accurate and timely communication with their limited-English patients.
Schedule your Common Ground medical interpreter today.

Schedule translation services or interpretation services today!

Translation Interpretation Services Request & Document Upload

  • We’ll send quotes and contact you about this job at this email.
  • Specify what you’re looking for: translation, interpretation, web conference, video voice-over work, etc.
  • Be sure to let us know if your deadline is soon approaching. Smaller documents we can often return to you within 24hrs for a rush fee. It’s best to plan out larger jobs and bigger projects.
  • 10MB file limit on this feature. If your file is larger, please contact us at (303) 684-5557
    Max. file size: 32 MB.

Frequently Asked Translation and Interpretation Questions

What are the most common types of translation jobs you work with?

Translate academic documents
Birth certificate translations
Contract translations
Educational or marketing brochure translations
Employee manual, benefits or handbook translations
Translate immigration papers
Legal document translations
Marriage certificate translations
Sign translations
Training video translations with professional voice-overs in the target language
Website translations and & SEO optimization in target language

Where are you located?

We’re a local business in Denver, CO – but we are happy to work with you wherever you are located!

How do you bill translation jobs?

We follow industry standards for billing translation service jobs, therefore we bill by the word. Some languages requires us to bill by word in the target language, while others require us to bill by the source word. The “target language” is the language you’re translating your document into. The charge per word varies greatly on many factors. The complexity of the document, the source language to target language combination, and turn-around time are some of the most important factors. Our rates start at $0.14 per word for general language translation projects (usually personal documents) with a normal 3-5 business day turn around. Small translation jobs incur a $30 minimum charge. If you need a document next day, you can expect to pay around double what the normal charge would be. If formatting and artwork are required, those are generally billed on an hourly basis.

What is the average turnaround time for translations?

The turnaround for any given translation depends on the length of the document and if any kind of formatting is needed. On average a translator can translate somewhere around 2000 words a day. Additionally, an extra day is usually required for another translator to proofread the content. The following are estimates and can vary depending on the content. To get a more accurate estimate for turnaround time on your job, send us your document:

– Under 5000 words between 3-5 business days
– 5000-10000 words between 5-10 business days
– 10000-20000 words between 10-15 business days

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Why should I choose Common Ground International for my translation needs?

Common Ground International provides efficient and high quality language solutions. We work with a small and experienced group of certified translators who are native speakers of their target languages. These translators not only have years of experience in their industries but also of working with Common Ground and adhering to our high standards of quality.

Who actually does the document translation?

Professional translation jobs require a professional translator.  The industry standard in the United States for professional translators is the certification via the American Translator Association. This professional organization tests and certifies translators in specific language combinations. A translation “Agency” is a company that brokers translation jobs – they may not do their translations in house.  Many translation agencies choose to work with ATA certified translators who reside in Central or South America.  This approach helps keep translation costs down for the client while maintaining quality translations.

Why not just hire a translator directly for my job?

You receive many benefits when you work with a translation agency (like Common Ground International). Not all certified translators are the same. An agency has deep professional relationships with translators who they have been working with for years. This assures quality, timeliness and predictability. If you have just a document or two here and there to translate, your translation job may or may not be given much priority. You don’t know how this person works. You’ll have to figure out how to pay them, and you’ll be taking a leap of faith that they can deliver on what they’re promising you.
Additionally, a professional translation job requires more than one pair of eyes on a given document. If you hire a translator on your own, you’ll still need to hire a second set of eyes to edit the document. When you choose Common Ground Int’l as your document translator, we do all of this for you.

What is the value of contracting with an agency?

You receive much more value when working with a translation agency than you spend. Most clients who are looking to have a document translated aren’t interested in the business of translation, rather they just need their document back in the target language!  Our agency takes care of all the “business side” of getting your job done and returns your document to you in the target language.  An agency’s 15%-25% margin on a project is usually much less than the value of your time trying to ensure that you have a solid document translation product.

What are the pitfalls of doing your own document translation in-house?

Many companies and organizations believe that their bilingual employee is capable of completing their translation job. However, it’s difficulty for them to be their go-to translator. Case after case proves this usually results in a poor translation.  A professional translator makes sure that the tone of your document is communicated appropriately. It won’t be too casual or too formal, and at the same time matching the tone of the source document. S/he can also assure you that words have been spelled correctly. Furthermore, they don’t have other responsibilities at your company that are being neglected because they’re trying to do your translation job (which they often feel unqualified for).

Why not use Google Translate or another mechanical translation?

Google Translate and other online translators are fantastic resources when you’re translating individual words here and there. In fact, they are particularly useful when you are translating a sentence or two into a target language that is your primary language. This way you can see the translation and make a judgment call on whether or not the program provided you with a translation that makes sense. However, you can get into serious trouble if you rely on a mechanical translation to translate phrases, sentences, and full paragraphs. Furthermore, you can get into trouble when translating pages of text into a target language that you’re not very familiar with.  You have no way of knowing that the translation is accurate, and these free mechanical translation services and online translators often aren’t accurate. It’s always best to use a professional translator like Common Ground International.

What are the kinds of interpreting jobs you frequently get?

When you need to communicate important safety information or orient your new Spanish speaking employees in person, consider a Common Ground International Spanish Interpreter. We provide accurate, high quality English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpreting.
Our skilled, dependable Spanish interpreters are trained in industry specific Spanish and English terminology to accurately interpret in your professional setting. We provide Spanish Interpreters for

– Annual Reviews in Spanish
– Conferences in Spanish
– Corporate Events in Spanish
– Safety Training in Spanish
– New Hire Orientations in Spanish
– Other Business and Sales Meetings in Spanish
– HR Meetings in Spanish

How do I get billed for interpreting services?

For Spanish interpreter services, billing is very similar to our document translation services, we will ask you to make a credit card deposit for 50% of your estimated interpreting bill at the time you schedule your interpretation appointment. When you are finished with your Spanish interpreter for your meeting or event, we will collect

Who are your interpreters?

We have a small network of qualified interpreters.  If you have more than one meeting or schedule multiple interpreting services on a monthly basis, you’ll definitely get to know them by name, and they’ll start to feel like a part of your team before long!

How can I get set up to start using Common Ground’s interpreting services?

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!  We’ll probably want to schedule a phone call with you to get a sense for your level of interpreting needs, operating hours, nature of the interpreting sessions you expect, etc.  If it seems like we’re the right Colorado Spanish interpreting service for you, we’ll send you a contract so you can get started right away!

CGI is the absolutely the best for all of my translation needs. When I have a last minute or urgent need, Rory and his team are able to turn projects around very quickly. They have been able to handle, or find a resource for, every language I’ve thrown at them. I would highly recommend using their services. I have never been disappointed.

Laura S.

Assistant VP Communications

We used Common Ground to translate our medical documents at our orthodontics office. Rory was very helpful and the work was done well and in a very timely matter! Happy with the process!

Brian T.


We used Common Ground for certified English-to-Spanish translations of various official documents(medical and legal) required for my daughter’s application for an English teaching program in Madrid. The work was quick and professional and I highly recommend Common Ground for such jobs.

Jim P.

Father of study abroad student

The people at Common Ground are a pleasure to work with. For our product assembly warehouse, Common Ground has translated machine manuals from English to Spanish and German to English/Spanish in addition to onsite translation for staff and personnel meetings. We’ll certainly continue to use them in the future.

Chris W.

Warehouse Manager

We used Common Ground International for translation of our website content into Spanish to help target those clients for SEO. The translation work was done quickly and communication was great!

Travis F.

Website designer

We are very pleased with the translation services we received. The person who helped us was friendly and courteous and so quick to respond to my phone message and then followed up with me to be sure the task was handled to my specific needs. I highly recommend Common Ground International and plan on using their services in the future!

Linda W.

Adoption Attorney

I recently worked with Common Ground arranging for two live interpreters at our annual company meeting which took place in an arena with approximately 1600 employees. Rory and his team were extremely professional, a breeze to work with, and reasonably priced. The event went off without a hitch. We will definitely work with them again in the future and would recommend them to others as well.

Sarah S.

Director of Marketing

The Common Ground crew does great work interpreting live virtual forums for my company, Telephone Town Hall Meeting. Our events are challenging and dynamic and include a web-based component, and Common Ground has been able to provide interpreters working remotely to meet our translation needs. Highly recommend!

Ian C.


2 thoughts on “Professional Translation Services: Document Translations, Telephonic Interpreting, Video Interpreting, Transcreation & In-Person Interpreting”

  1. Jennifer Smith

    I am an ESL teacher and our county is very small and does not have any interpreters for conferences and IEPS. Often time I get called on to interpret and recently, the county has contracted with a service where it is possible to call an interpreter on the phone. The problem is that they are not trained in academic and educational vocabulary, which doesn’t translate literally, as you know. They pause and comment that they are looking up a word – which I can also do, for free.
    Do you all have a way for schools to use your interpreting service for IEPs or conferences with someone who specializes in educational jargon? If so, how could I find out about your rates so I can tell my district about your service.
    Thank you!!

    1. Yes Jennifer we would be glad to help you with your interpretation needs and any translation needs that arise as well. I’ll email you and we can start a conversation.

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