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Free Courses, Free Study Materials, and other Free Learning Resources Provided by Common Ground! We have more ideas and material than we know how to sell! And, not everything has to be paid anyway – poke around a little and see what you can learn on your own!

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The Fosters (owners of Common Ground Int’l) have been traveling to Costa Rica with their family pre-kids, through pregnancy, with infants & toddlers, and now with their 3 school-aged children. They’ve learned the ins and outs of traveling in Costa Rica, and they’re sharing all their secrets! If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica with your family any time soon, you’ve got to check out these Costa Rica family travel hacks!

Spanish Immersion for Teachers

Need some new tricks up your sleeve for teaching Spanish? We all know that the best teachers share tips and activities that work well in the classroom. Check out these free activities that we have built for you to take into your Spanish class!

Spanish Immersion for Teachers

Free downloads and sample lessons so that you can study Spanish for educators on your own. We know you work hard every day to make an inviting atmosphere for your students in your classroom, now you can share that same warmth with your Spanish-speaking parents. Improving your Spanish really does make a difference in the lives of students and families in your community! 

Facebook Group to Learn Spanish for Free
Private Medical Spanish Learning Community
Here is where you can get all your Spanish for healthcare questions answered by professional instructors. You don’t need to be member of the Common Ground site, nor a current student. This is a free community group on Facebook that we’re happy to contribute our expertise to. Interact with us – we’re waiting for a chance to help you!

Free Ser vs. Estar Spanish Grammar Lesson

If you’re looking for a quick review or easy-to-remember tricks for Spanish grammar, we’ve got you covered! We’ve identified the tricky stuff, and have all sorts of tips to help you learn it right!

Learning modal verbs in English

Are you interested in learning / improving your English language skills? Every month we publish a number of lessons so that you can study English on your own. A lot of the emphasis is on proper vocabulary but we also touch on useful and high frequency grammar activities.

Other Free Resources to learn Spanish on your own

Verb tenses and study Spanish grammar topics. Click on the topic below to learn Spanish grammar and verbs:

Learn Spanish Grammar

Learn Spanish Verbs

demonstrative adjectives conditional perfect
direct objects conditional tense
double object pronouns future perfect
indirect objects future tense
nouns imperfect tense
possessive adjectives past participles
por and para past perfect
preterite and imperfect preterite tense
ser and estar present tense
sequence of tenses reflexive verbs
si clauses tener
subjunctive and indicative

We usually post our free learning resources first on Social media. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop on new learning tools that we publish!

Of course if you’re interested in online Spanish tutoring or Spanish Immersion Programs in Costa Rica, we’d be happy to help you. Contact us with any questions or if you need help with something!

Learn Spanish free - aprender el español gratis
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