Healthcare Spanish Crash Course
Healthcare Spanish Crash Course

Medical Spanish Crash Course: Free 10-Day Class

Returning: February 16, 2024

Healthcare Spanish Crash Course

FREE 10-day Medical Spanish Crash Course & earn 4 Category 1 CME / CE Credits!

Most healthcare professionals who are wanting to learn Spanish face a few common obstacles: 

  1. Finding a course that fits your level and actually helps you communicate better with patients.
  2. Finding a class with content that is relevant for your profession!
  3. Finding an encouraging community of Spanish learners that are trying to learn Medical Spanish also.
  4. Hoping 🤞🤞🤞 that the course fits your full schedule & the instructors know how to make an online class engaging, active and will actually help your COMMUNICATE!
  5. Finding a study buddy to practice with between class sessions so that your learning actually sticks!

We’ve solved these problems for you, and we invite you to join us and hundreds of healthcare professionals and students for a free 10-day medical Spanish crash course!

Important Dates:

  • 1st Lesson Opens: Friday, Feb 16, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)
  • 1st Live Practice Session: Monday, Feb 19, 2024 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  • 2nd Lesson Opens: Monday, Feb 19, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)
  • 2nd Live Practice Session: Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  • 3rd Lesson Opens: Friday, Feb 23, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)

In this course you’ll LEARN medical Spanish at your level … and you’ll be able to PRACTICE it as well with your new friends from across the country. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Take a medical history in Spanish
  2. Conduct a physical exam in Spanish
  3. Customize a Medical Spanish Blueprint to keep your Spanish moving forward week by week without backsliding and without getting rusty. 

10 – Day Medical Spanish Crash Course with Common Ground. A quick message from Rory & Leslie

Meet Your Medical Spanish Crash Course Teachers:




Important Dates:

  • 1st Lesson Opens: Friday, Feb 16, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)
  • 1st Live Practice Session: Monday, Feb 19, 2024 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  • 2nd Lesson Opens: Monday, Feb 19, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)
  • 2nd Live Practice Session: Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  • 3rd Lesson Opens: Friday, Feb 23, 2024 (online – complete on your own time)

What is it like to learn Spanish with Rory, Leslie & the Common Ground team?

A lot of times when I go to talk to patients, I feel lost or don’t know where to start. These live lessons gave me a formula to start talking to the patient and asking questions about what is going on. I didn’t realize that I can figure out a lot of the vocabulary I need because I use it everyday in English. Then I just make a list and look it up or look up a Quizlet to study that area. I haven’t put in as much time as I would like to practice but I will try to spend more time in my schedule. I like that we only have to focus on 30 terms because that is doable for me. It is slow progress but at least it is progress.

I really appreciate the medical spanish masterclasses because it is very difficult to find a Spanish tutor that knows about medical terms or understands when I try to explain something in English to translate it. There are not very many resources out there for functional medical Spanish. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I was really surprised how simply everything is and I have already knew more than I thought I did.

Kasey H, The Villages, FL

As you said, I would love to be able to communicate kindness and empathy in Spanish just as I do in English. Just seeing the relief on my patients’ faces when they have an interpreter has fueled my desire to remove the barrier of my lack of ability to speak Spanish.

Shanna M, Raleigh, NC

Thank you Rory and Leslie for creating such an amazing class. I have gained additional knowledge in my effort to work and treat my Spanish speaking patients. The class structure and the use of time was perfect. I still have a ways to go, but I can honestly say I am a bit further along, due to attending your classes. Bless you both!

Eugenia A, Kissimmee, FL

If you’re looking for an easy way to jump back into Spanish, look no further! Rory and Leslie, you have made this masterclass fun and engaging and the best part, you have given us the chance to practice with other speakers of our same level! The blueprint I now have to talk with my patients in L&D is so helpful! I love your strategy so much! Yo encontre una pareja desde unos de los Live sessions y vamos a practicar cada miercoles por Zoom para la proximas 3 o 4 semanas! Wahoo! Muchisimas gracias a ustedes! Que divertido!!

Jane A, Denver, CO

Muchas gracias para estan lecciones gratis. Ya aprendo mucho en corto tiempo, especialmente la frases para dar intrucciones , medicamentos y frases con “si”. Soy enfermera de los pacientes de la hospicio. Tambien necesito aprender frases comun sobre suporta emocional para los familias de pacientes muy enfermos. Se que hospicio no esta muy comun pero espero que hay lecciones /fraces como asi. The best that I heard was to not be afraid to commit mistakes. You have indeed provided a safe venue for us to feel confident that here we can make mistakes and it’s ok. and we can pick it up one by one and build from it. More power to both of you!

Maria A, Vallejo, CA

I recently came across Common Ground through Video Viernes & have had the chance to watch a few lessons. They are truly practical and distilled bullets of information!! Lots of relevant info presented in an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!!

Monica S, Park City, UT

I own a private outpatient physical therapy clinic. Speaking spanish would mean a growth of my business. I have had more than one patient not be able to receive care because they didn’t have an interpreter. I have also had patients where my lack of spanish hurt my ability to be able to educate them about their health care options. My husband and I opened this private practice in order to serve our community, not just the ones who speak english.

Danielle M, Ft Myers, FL

I’ve worked with Rory in small group lessons through my workplace. He is always very engaging and has great knowledge of medical Spanish. His teaching style makes it easy for even those with very limited prior Spanish language experience to feel engaged and learn something.

Maija S, Denver, CO

I enjoyed the class with Common Ground, I can’t wait to get signed up for the online classes!

Samantha N. Morrison, CO

¡Gracias Rory! Creo que su clase fue la mejor parte de nuestro curso, me enseñó mucho. Gracias y que le vaya muy bien!

Oliver B. Denver, CO

Rory is an excellent educator and guide. I was following him on YouTube, and joined his group in Costa Rica in early 2019. I felt extremely taken care of He makes sure everyone’s concerns were addressed. Don’t let his teaching accent fool you, I was very impressed with his Spanish. He is very engaging, organized, caring, and charming.

Sylvia P. Vacaville, CA

I appreciate how Rory is always reaching out to the community to find out what learning topics would be most useful for us. Also the medical Spanish blog is a very useful resource!

Annalee C. Westminster, CO

Rory is great at laying the foundation for medical professionals who desiure to improve their Spanish medical terminology.

Jonathon F. Memphis, TN

Rory, ¡Muchísimas gracias! Esta clase fue excelente y disfruté cada clase con usted. Gracias por mostrarnos el nuevo mundo. Espero que pueda trabajar con usted en el futuro!

Erin A. Denver, CO

Muchas gracias por todo. Me encanta su clase y aprendí mucho. Seremos mejores doctores por usted. Espero que pueda aprender con usted otra vez en el futuro!

Megan K. Denver, CO

I really enjoy the emails and weekly Facebook posts from Rory. They keep me engaged and make me want to continue my learning!

Michele D. New York, NY

I really like this program. Rory and his team have been so helpful whenever I had questions. The response time was quick and caring, and I was treated as if I were a valued member of their team even though I had tough questions for them. I always look forward to Video Viernes and get a lot of help through them. What an awesome program that just keeps getting better and better. Thank you!

Molly R. Des Moines, IA

Rory and Leslie put a lot of thought and effort into their programs. They engage with you on whatever level you’re at. The expectation is to start off in Spanish but if you just don’t get it, there’s no worries. They are there to jump in and help as long as you put the effort in. Learning a new language is hard but they make it fun and engaging. Plus, they really look after your well-being on Spanish immersion trips, you should definitely do one with them!

Jennifer P. Broomfield, CO

Rory was great in my Spanish I class. He is a gifted teacher. He takes the time to teach material using multiple learning styles making it much easier to learn and remember.

Kami B. Littleton, CO

Rory always has an answer for me! Which makes me think that he will go the extra steps to find your answer if he doesn”t already have it on the top of his head.

Rosie G. Morrison, CO

I particularly like the videos that I can watch in my own time. Very helpful and easy to follow . I am quite new at this and volunteering to help translate and eager to do a good job in the medical translation as well as general speaking /discussion skills . Muchísimas gracias, Rory, keep up the good work.

Petra P. Ontario, Canada

Video Viernes lessons with Rory are a great way to learn to content for my job. The lessons are quick and extremely helpful, as he explains cultural nuances as well.

Lauren W. New York, NY

I really appreciate how open Rory has been with sharing content and posting short, interesting lectures online. He has a great understanding of what language terms and medical topics need to be reviewed

Michelle D. Cleveland, OH

I have not worked directly with either Rory or Leslie, however the lessons on the internet are awesome very educational and informative and I look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you,

Caryn H. Reading, PA

As a busy medical professional I appreciate Common Ground’s flexible and varied offerings of Spanish content. They are encouraging coaches and seem to roll easily with the scheduling / rescheduling hassles involved in health care!

Susan A. Greencastle, PA

I got to work with Leslie and Rory for six weeks this past summer and it was actually awesome! I learned so much from them about language, and also about group dynamics. They always met me wherever I was mood wise and helped me to navigate my experiences. I can’t wait to work with them again!

Catalyst T. Philadelphia, PA

Keep Tuesdays open in your schedule so you can join us in the next run of our full 10-week Mastering Medical Spanish Course!


What is the format of these online classes?

  • These online classes are both didactic & interactive. The 4 main lessons are pre-recorded for you to learn at your convenience. During our 2 live lessons, we will start our meetings with a brief outline and review of the practice topics, and then you’ll break up into groups in virtual practice rooms to practice the content you’ve been learning with practical scenarios, etc.

What is the time of the online classes?

  • The live practice sessions are scheduled for 7p Mountain time (9p Eastern, 8p Central, 6p Pacific). The 4 main lessons are available for you starting the day they release.

What if I have to miss a session?

  • No problem at all – the cool thing is that we record every lesson and post it for you to view when you have a moment. Then, all you need to do is practice with your partner!

Who will be teaching the classes?

  • Rory and Leslie Foster will be teaching these classes and moderating your small group work in the virtual practice rooms.

What Spanish level is required for these classes?

  • The short answer is all levels! We are firm believers in helping you take your next step with Spanish regardless of the Spanish level you’re starting with. So, all levels are welcome. You will learn at your level during the didactic session and then practice at your level in your virtual practice room.

How / Where online will we meet?

  • We’ll be using the zoom platform for the live practice sessions. You will receive login information for each session.

Is this course accredited for continuing education?

  • Yes and no. The free 4-lesson Masterclass is not accredited. However, in full disclosure, we plan to invite you to join us in a paid course that is 13 weeks and that course is accredited for Category 1 CME and Nursing CE credits.

More questions? Comment below and we’ll answer them for you!

43 thoughts on “Medical Spanish Crash Course: Free 10-Day Class”

  1. Will you offer this class again for 10 days? Or if i register for the class can i still get the material to study on my own from the other sessions? I’m on vacation in Costa Rica using my Spanish .. I can see why the program is needed to be here in CR. its so cool.
    Thanks for the classes. I love they why you and your team teaches.

  2. So how do I actually join the class? I signed up for the newsletter but looking to start the 10 day crash course today!

  3. Marianne M Hagood

    How long are the live Zoom sessions? I am on EST and working eight 12 hours shifts in that 9 day timeframe in February. I am usually in bed before 10PM… But I have been trying to become functionally fluent for years and am SOOOO close! Thank you for any advice!

  4. I am a psychologist working in an integrated care setting (internal medicine clinic). Would it be inappropriate for me to take the 10-day masterclass?

    1. Stephanie Beltrán

      Hi Barbara! No I don’t think it would be inappropriate, you can still take this masterclass and learn more vocab that perhaps it’s new to you!

  5. Hi Rory,
    Am not a health care professional yet interested in learning Medical Spanish. Am I eligible for registering for this free course?

    You are doing a great job. Keep the good work going.

    Un cordial saludo ,


  6. I will actually be at work 1/10 AND 1/13… Would I still benefit from the course without the live portion? Please advise.

  7. Very deceptive advertising. Said free class and Medical CEUs. When you get into it, there are only 4 free classes and no CEUs unless you want to pay $197.

    1. Not true at all Leigh – the class hasn’t begun yet. You’ll have access to the course starting Jan 7th when we open it for everyone who has registered. We’re not tryin to fool anyone. We’re very straightforward honest people who are happy to help you with your medical Spanish. Email me if you have any questions. Rory Foster

  8. I am likely not able to participate in the master class in January, but I am free in the spring. Do you know when the next master class will likely take place? Also, if I wanted access to the prepackaged online medical spanish material (which I was reading becomes available with purchasing the masterclass), would I be able to pay for a future master class and have access to those resources in the mean time while I wait for that future course? And last question, how many hours weekly do you typically recommend outside of the recorded lessons to practice? Thank you!

    1. Hey Jake, thanks for the note and great questions! All of the bonus courses for Mastering Medical Spanish are also available for individual purchase here. But that’s not the most economical way to take those courses. As you say, registering for MMS is a better way to do that. I’ll send you an email with some options.

    1. Hey Sharon, yes get started! Some things will be over your head but at the very least you’ll walk away with some great vocab lists and a plan for the next 6 months to move your Spanish forward!

  9. Mike Schaeffer

    When is the full course offered? I have a tentative (por coronavirus) mission trip to Nicaragua planned for August and I’m interested in the course before then. Thanks.

  10. hi
    I registered to join your masterclass my question is what time will this occur and is there a play back as I work.
    Many thanks

    1. Hey Sou, Welcome to the Masterclass! The Masterclass is a combo of asynchronous (not live) lessons you work through at your convenience & synchronous (live) practice sessions online via Zoom. Here are the dates and times to keep in mind:

      • Tuesday January 12, 2021 – First lesson opens
      • Thursday January 14, 2021 – First live practice session at 7p Mountain time
      • Friday January 15, 2021 – Second lesson opens
      • Tuesday January 19, 2021 – Second live practice session at 7p Mountain time
      • Thursday January 21, 2021 – Third lesson opens.

      Make sure you’re getting emails from me in your inbox ([email protected]) so that you have reminder emails and Zoom login credentials. Looking forward to meeting you online!

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