Languages for Specific Purposes - LSP Teacher Training

Languages for Specific Purposes – LSP Teacher Training

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6-lesson training on the teaching languages for specific purposes!

Teaching Languages for Specific PurposesTeaching language for specific purposes requires a shift in perspective and adjusted approaches to boost effectiveness when teaching LSP students.

At Common Ground, we’ve been teaching Spanish for specific purposes since 2001, and we’ve learned through our successes (and failures). This course is full of our bag of tricks!

What you can expect to learn about teaching languages for specific purposes in this training:

  1. Philosophy shifts that you want to adopt when teaching languages for specific purposes: what they are and why they’re important to your LSP students. Teaching LSP isn’t like teaching your other language classes. Your LSP students are different, and your approach needs to be unique as well.
  2. The 5 Pillars of LSP: essential components of building effective and sustainable LSP curricula and courses. In this lesson you will learn how each essential element of LSP curriculum is woven together to form a solid and effective course.
  3. The Hourglass Model: our instructional method for moving from comprehensible input to unstructured & relevant practice within 50 minutes. This is the model we use when presenting new information, using best practices for language instruction. You should be able to implement this model into your classroom as early as today!
  4. Effective Assessments in the languages for specific purposes classroom: why, what, when & how to assess your LSP students. Don’t let another semester or course pass you by without a deep look at your assessments and whether or not they are as effective as they could be.
  5. LSP Immersion: the 6 essentials for safe, meaningful, and legit immersion travel that supports your LSP program and courses. If you’re involved in LSP student travel, or considering an immersion program to support your languages for specific purposes curriculum, you can’t pass this lesson up.
  6. Next Steps: identifying the next steps for you and your institution as you work to move LSP forward. There is always room to grow, improvements to make, and new ground to cover as you work to expand the influence of languages for specific purposes at your institution. Common Ground is happy to help – just let us know how!

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