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Hey Spanish Learner…You’ve landed on this page because you want to improve your Spanish communication skills. And we want to help you, because of the 1.2 billion people learning a foreign language right now – very few of them actually succeed at improving their Spanish communication skills.


Spanish and English Language Exchange. Hablar inglés. Speak Spanish

Intercambio enrollment is closed right now (opens in Oct.’22)…HOWEVER, I want to give you TWO NEXT BEST STEPS {free}. Jump into these 2 free opportunities below and continue to progress in your Spanish speaking skills! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Opportunity # 1 ⬇️

While registration is closed, we’re 100% committed to serving our Intercambio community and helping their language skills soar!

Get this 5 Step plan to increase your Spanish speaking Confidence and fluency. Follow this 5 steps and be on your way to improved communication.

You can’t just “hope” to improve your Spanish by taking another class, studying an app or working through lessons – It takes an intentional, relevant, interactive method that is hard to find.

Opportunity # 2 – Save your spot in Oct. ’22 Spanish Challenge Week! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Save your spot in our FREE Spanish challenge week and get a taste of the Intercambio method and experience what this incredible learning community and language course is all about.

Your next 3 steps to gain confidence and fluency speaking Spanish.

Join Leslie Foster and her team as they walk you through 3 pivotal steps in the Spanish Language Journey.

The same steps that have led thousands of their students to experience massive results in their Spanish speaking confidence and fluency!

**Warning this is an active challenge- that requires your engagement and participation. Get ready to make serious strides! Coming Fall ’22


…Bring to life your Spanish and give you the confidence to speak in Spanish for your professional or personal purposes.

With results like these…

I actually feel hopeful that I could truly become competent with people who only speak Spanish because of Intercambio!

I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.”

” In classroom settings it’s all about getting the right conjugations, but with Intercambio it’s about just using what you DO know and having fun with your friend and your language. I have such a better relationship with Spanish now because I’m not so afraid of mistakes any longer!”

It’s No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Improving your Spanish Conversational Skills and Confidence!

The opportunity to practice SPEAKING is paramount to improving your Spanish proficiency and often the most underestimated in the learning journey.

Intercambio, you will gain communication confidence and fluency in your Spanish. You will massively improve when you participate in our weekly “3 C’s”


Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange once you become a member.

Below is a sneak-peak at the 12 Thematic Conversational Units that you will actually converse about in Spanish.

Intercambio is the sweet spot between just enough instruction and lots of guided communication practice in an encouraging and enthusiastic environment.

The opportunity to practice SPEAKING is paramount to improving your Spanish proficiency and often the most underestimated in the learning journey.

Join our Free Intercambio Spanish Challenge this spring and get a taste of what it’s like to focus on your communication skills and see them soar.

Join a community of like minded language learners.

Are you already a member of Intercambio?

Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange

Intercambio Spanish Challenge Week coming in Fall 2022!

**Warning this is an active challenge- that requires your engagement and participation. Get ready to make serious strides!

Do you feel like you are stuck at the intermediate level? Or you can understand more than you can speak? Take your Spanish communication skills to the next level!
Do you need to be able to speak Spanish for a specific purpose? A professional purpose?
Is Speaking Spanish a personal goal of yours?

Join this LIVE challenge to develop your 3 step plan to increase your confidence and your proficiency in speaking Spanish.

Being able to SPEAK Spanish is not an exclusive talent for certain “gifted” people. Everyone is able to gain confidence and fluency speaking Spanish.


Create your learning plan to fast-track your Spanish progress and get into action!

The key to stop thinking about learning or improving is to start DOING it!

Develop your conversational plan & practice those skills!

Just learning about the language is like having someone learn to dance by reading about theory and technique, but never actually taking to the dance floor.

COMMUNICATION, like dance, is something you DO and often the missing piece in language learning.

Eliminar el miedo y la frustración

These are the two obstacles to exponential language growth! Fear can make us freeze. Frustration can make us give up. But there is a solution. Acknowledge it and implement these strategies to work around it!

If ANY of the following ring true, you don’t want to miss this FREE 3 step challenge to boost your Spanish Communication Skills…

  • You’re frustrated with your SLOW Spanish progress.

  • You’re afraid of making mistakes and therefore are hesitant about opening your mouth.

  • You’ve been learning it for years and you’ve plateaued.

  • You don’t have enough time.

  • You can understand it, but cannot speak it.

  • You don’t have any opportunities to practice it.

  • You want to find someone to keep you accountable.

If the idea of walking away with a customized, simple, yet effective plan that will boost your Spanish speaking skills and confidence makes you want to raise your hand – this FREE 3 step challenge is YOUR NEXT STEP in your Spanish learning journey.

How does this challenge work? I’m a busy person…

So are we! We promise this will be an efficient and powerful use of your time. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Challenge dates: Fall 2022, specifics TBD
  • Each day you will be invited to take ONE STEP further in your Spanish Learning Journey.
  • This Action Step will either be a live class, a training you need to watch that day, or an exercise to complete.
  • Each Action Step will take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete
  • You get access to our team of Spanish coaches in our Pop-Up Challenge Facebook Group while the challenge lasts. Meet other challenge participants and get answers to your questions.

Some Intercambio members wanted to share their experience with you:

Your program has a lot of great resources, and I love the language lessons and practice guides. It definitely gives me something to aim for. My goal is definitely to become a proficient Spanish speaker. I know if I stick with this program, I will reach my goal. Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm!

Juliet Franklin


I absolutely love working with Common Ground and being apart of the Intercambio community. They are the most responsive small team I’ve ever worked with and I think I’ve used every language learning tool you can buy. I was really struggling to improve my Spanish when I first started Intercambio, so I sent Leslie a Help email with all of my challenges, she quickly responded. We meet via Zoom and she listened to me and my struggles and helped me plan a way out of my plateau. It was the little boost I needed to get back on track and start enjoying my Spanish learning once again. That’s just the beginning, I’m confident within a short time from now I will be speaking more Spanish with less fear and more confidence! A big thanks to the Common Ground Team.

Matt Higgens

I have been part of the CGI learning community and have been so impressed with all the free content provided by Rory and Leslie. They have been really responsive to making content relevant to my work as a psychologist with the recent mental health series. Great work and an amazing contribution to our Spanish speaking communities.

Theresa Thomas, PhD.

The teachers have created a model of learning that I look forward to each week: a lesson guide with a theme, vocabulary and videos. Then, it’s fun meeting my conversation partner online to discuss it all. There are no awkward moments of silences because we have a theme to discuss. And there is much enthusiasm, laughter and support in learning a language, by both the teachers and the conversation partner.

Jane Vincillo

Leslie and Rory are absolutely wonderful teachers. Being a part of this community has significantly improved my Spanish speaking. I was about as much of a beginner as one could be, and now I am able to converse in Spanish with a friend in Costa Rica! I still need to improve a lot, but I know I can and will. Common Ground International gave me the bravery to make mistakes so I can grow. Thank you! I am so grateful!

Chelsie Cabak

I have studied in several contexts in my attempts to learn Spanish —Leslie and Rory’s classes are BY FAR the best and most relevant classes —broken into manageable blocks of content—it’s been the best investment of time and money I’ve made in learning medical Spanish. I highly recommend them!!!

Barb H.

The Intercambio program has helped me grow in my Spanish abilities and enriches my life with new conversational experiences. The weekly guides refresh my vocabulary and provide a template for my Spanish/English conversations with my international speaking partners. Intercambio is a meaningful way to learn, practice, and enjoy Spanish for people of any age or background

Linda D.

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