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Foundations in English


Learn the basics in English with this Foundations in English Course. This course will give you a strong foundation as you continue to progress in your English.

In this course you will learn 5 essential lessons which will help you build a strong base. The 5 essential lessons are:

  1. Learn how to use the foundational verb “To Be” in English. Aprender como usar el verbo fundacional “To Be”
  2. Learn how to conjugate verbs in the present simple tense. You will practice this as you describe your routines, habits, and hobbies. Aprender cómo conjugar y usar los verbos del presente simple. Vas a describir las rutinas y los pasatiempos.
  3. Learn how to ask “Yes no No” questions to get information you need. Aprender cómo hacer las preguntas de sí o no para recolectar información.
  4. Learn how to use “Information Questions” using an interrogative. These questions require more detail. Aprender cómo usar las interrogativas para hacer las preguntas y contestar.
  5. Learn how to use “Adjectives” to describe people, places, ideas and things. Learn various categories of adjectives. Aprender cómo usar los adjetivos para describir a las personas, los lugares, las ideas y cosas.

Each lesson has 5 parts. In each lesson you will..

Cada lección tiene 5 partes. En cada lección vas a…

  1. Download the Lesson Notes to follow along and complete the additional practice sections in the lesson notes.
  2. Watch the Video lesson and follow along with the lesson notes
  3. Complete the practice exercises and check your answers.
  4. Test you knowledge! Take the quiz to test your learning.
  5. Comment below…We want to know what questions you have about the “Be” verb and drop an example of its use in the comment section.
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