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Medical Interpreter Training

Medical Spanish Interpreter Training - online course

Learn to be a Spanish Interpreter for Healthcare!

Introduction to Interpreting Spanish in Healthcare

A few times a year we offer an introduction to interpreting Spanish in healthcare course. This interpreter training course has 1 primary objective: to train clinical and support staff to interpret responsibly for the Spanish-only patients that receive services at your facility. We help you refine your medical terminology, improve conversion skills, and understand industry norms and standards. There are also 2 secondary objectives – to help students prepare for the nationally recognized Bridging the Gap interpreter training course and to help students prepare for the national certification as a Spanish interpreter in healthcare.

This is the perfect introductory course for hospitals and clinics to provide to their staff. It helps orient bilingual staff to medical interpreter standards, ethics, and skills while equipping them to interpret responsibly for the safety of the patient and to meet industry standards for providing health services in the patient’s native language.

In this medical interpreter training course you will:

  • Refine your Spanish medical terminology and the English equivalents needed for precise interpreting
  • Refine your tone and register levels in Spanish & English to ensure that you’re communicating appropriately with varied audiences
  • Learn concentration and memorization tricks to interpret with higher accuracy
  • Practice interpreting Spanish in a variety of common clinical and customer service scenarios to gain confidence as a Spanish interpreter in healthcare
  • Learn and commit to abide by the national standards of practice for interpreting in healthcare
  • Learn and commit to abide by the national code of ethics for interpreting in healthcare

How to get started with medical interpreter training…

  • For Individuals: Please see the onsite medical Spanish course registration page for any medical interpreter training courses that are currently open to the public for registration.
  • For Clinics, Hospitals and Hospital Systems: Contact us to bring a healthcare interpreter training course to your facility.

Btw: If you’re working on learning Spanish for your healthcare career, we have the medical Spanish you need!

8 thoughts on “Medical Interpreter Training”

  1. Hi Rory:
    Happy New Year to you and your family. I was browsing thru the website as I don’t often get to do so
    and I noticed your “Medical Interpreting Class ” I also would like to go on your list of contacts when you put that online. Always checking!haha

  2. Hi, I’m a native Spanish speaker and I’m interested in to become a translator.
    What program would you recommend. I live in San Diego and I wonder if you
    have an online course.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Luisa, thank you for your note! We don’t currently have an online interpreter training course – just local courses. We expect to have an online interpreter training course mid year 2020. Cheers, Rory Foster

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